Outsourcing Revit modeling services
pays off for these BIM tasks

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Outsourcing Revit modeling services pays off for these BIM tasks

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The Challenge With Outsourcing Revit Modeling Services

The main challenge with outsourcing Revit modeling services is finding out which BIM project types are worth subcontracting with minimal number of communication cycles and quick setup of the workflow.

Here's how you can solve that problem...

The Solution

Subcontracting tasks and not complete projects. Focusing on the tasks that are "online friendly".

Start off the Right Way

You have prepared a BIM project to send out, sorted out the communication and technical sides of your BIM workflow, tested your Revit consultant or subcontractor with a sample project. Congrats, because that’s already half the battle won with outsourcing Revit modeling Services.

But I would bet the results coming back are not what you had hoped for. Even worse, the Revit files are probably full of errors and information that has nothing to do with the scope. What could be wrong?

Many things of course, but if you don’t want to make a science out of the process, or simply don’t have months on hand to sort out all the nuances of subcontracting Revit projects from start to finish, there is a much easier and more reasonable alternative you should consider.

So what is the solution then?

The gist of it? Stop sending out complete project phases to your subcontractor. It takes substantially more time and effort to train someone all the required codes and workflows than it takes to do what we describe as task based BIM subcontracting. Task based BIM subcontracting is a process which boils down to selecting few tasks tested for repeat-ability and quality, that actually pay off when you use outsourced Revit modeling services.

The result is your supercharged in house BIM team with a capacity to handle larger projects and new energy gained by eliminating dull repetitive Revit BIM tasks. At ArchiJOY, we took over 10 years of experimenting in this field as a reference and perfected the concept of packaged BIM services or tasks that can be easily subcontracted.

We Advise Our Clients to Use Outsourced Revit Modeling Services if the Following Key Elements Are in Place

1. You have a single and always the same point of contact you subcontract
2. For one task, you have a single task brief accompanied by a technical one with all the necessary elements covered (Level Of Detail etc.)
3. You can transfer the data in one round from your office to the consultant
4. The data being transferred contains only the data elements needed. No redundant data gets passed on to the consultant subcontractor.
5. Single QA/QC check point is enough and it is conducted by your BIM consultant subcontractor which is ideally the same person as your point of contact.
6. You can stick to a schedule for the final delivery of data back to your project leader
7. You can test on a small task and confidently multiply the needed hours for a larger one with minimal and acceptable error margins

The point of all this?

As you can see, the idea is to eliminate the need for endless email pushing, Skype calls and rework of the delivered product known as the BIM model.

This method saves a lot of highly valued time for engineers and architects, but it has one drawback as well.

Only a limited variety of tasks can be automated in this way. On a positive note, the list is expanding as the industry evolves together with digital tools and collaboration services.

Below is a small list of BIM tasks we like outsourcing, simply because they work…

1. Outsourcing Revit Modeling Services Within a Tested and Proven Framework
2. General Revit modeling from different reference documents with the aim of making a clean BIM model ready for different use scenarios
3. Revit detailing of building elements and sections based on work in progress BIM models and sketches from consultants
4. As built modeling using 3D laser scanner generated point clouds usually called scan to BIM
5. Steel detailing using Revit BIM models as a reference
6. Scheduling and data integration using provided documentation or web resources

BONUS! Don’t fall into a trap of thinking just because your day to day work looks repetitive, that fact alone qualifies it for a subcontractor which will conduct Revit modeling services for you.

Here Is a Simple Example With a Described Approach to Subcontracting Revit Architectural Detailing Properly

Your in house architect is detailing wall sections of a typical wooden house that already went through the hands of a structural engineer and has main elements dimensioned. It would probably take him half an hour to detail one section. If there are 5 section types, but hundreds of them in total, math and economy suggests this is a task worth subcontracting to qualified person with a lower pay grade.

I Want to Use Revit Modeling Services, but Will the Tasks I Have on Mind Work?

We get it…it took our team years to figure that one out. You can get in touch with our project manager and pick his brains with your idea. Tens of happy professional customers and several large corporate ones, can’t be all wrong. They use Archijoy Revit modeling services daily for a reason.

We test new ideas and workflows before we use them in production. This is what makes our customers happy and stress free. We hope this article opened your eyes to the right way of outsourcing Revit modeling services.

Happy BIMing!


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